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  My YouTube Channel is now live at The channel is currently featuring my reading at Cornelia Street Cafe in New York on Oct. 30. There are eight poems, including the one above, "Hurt (San Francisco)". Most of the poems are from After the Poison, although you'll see two new pieces. There are also more than 200 videos -- songs, film clips, other poets -- that represent my influences both past and present. You can even watch a selection of videos without leaving Modern Confessional in the new YouTube section in the sidebar. I'll be adding new clips on a regular basis of readings from my past work, including Better To Travel and Slow To Burn. Please subscribe to my channel and add me as a friend. I appreciate everyone's support in this new endeavor, and big thanks to Jackie Sheeler who hosted and filmed the reading at Cornelia Street Cafe. 


hey im on there!
Tilt Press said…
Awesome, Collin! The poem you are reading in this video is my second favorite in the chap - the first being Siege. It was a pleasure to be able to hear you read it.
Anonymous said…
You're going to be an internet star! You need to make a viral video like that kid who screamed LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! lol

David said…

I loooooved hearing and seeing you read the selections from AFTER THE POISON!

Liz said…
Great performance, Collin, it was a real treat to hear you read...I loved the angle of the camera too...I'm with the 'Internet Star' possibility that Gav referred to... ; )
esk said…
I enjoyed this piece. I felt the "cold and shivering."
Lisa Allender said…
Collin Kelley, I'm SO excited for you!

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