Happy Boxing Day

Although it's not a holiday in America, Boxing Day is celebrated in Canada, UK and Australia among others. It's become a day for shopping, watching sports and generally relaxing. Which is what I'm doing...except for the sport part. Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? Here's my take for 2008:
  • Doctor Who Series 4 boxed set (my present to myself)
  • Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher (this week's "Read This" to be posted soon)
  • Disquiet, a novella by Julia Leigh 
  • Reproduction maps of the London Underground and Paris Metro designed by Maxwell Roberts (thanks to winning a contest at the fabulous Going Underground blog)
  • A gift certificate to a local framing shop (which will come in handy for the maps)
I spent the day with my parents at my grandmother's house eating way too much food (I still feel full) and then spending the evening over at BFF Tina's hanging out with her lovely wife and their friends. All in all, a very peaceful day. Hoping to meet up with BFF Karen and her beau Colin for a movie this evening. And how were your holidays?


mine was great. glad to read yours was too. i'll be seeing MILK and DOUBT this weekend, maybe Ben Button, although a friend saw it and said he was highly disappointed.
Anonymous said…
One present and it will have to do me until next Christmas -- an iPhone. Its very cool. You have to get one.

Radish King said…
No presents, but I made an appointment to get a new tattoo!
Haven't really stopped eating, Collin. I say this in a whisper, but: I was a bit underwhelmed by the Doctor Who Christmas special - though David Tennant seems to get better and better and I wish he weren't going, but that's what happens with the Doctors.

I got a boxed set of Buffy the Vampire-Slayer - the complete collection. Brilliant. And three books by David Foster Wallace.

We'd bough the DVD of Run Lola Run as our Christmas film so watched that yesterday. Chronicles of Narnia today - very hit and miss, but I liked it anyway.
Collin Kelley said…
Yes, I also watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special and felt a bit underwhelmed. Tennant fabulous as always, but it lacked something. Still, glad none of the companions died or had their memories wiped.
Hi Collin. My best present ever? Getting well! All you healthy folks out there, NEVER take it for granted!
That said, I'm also practically sleeping with a gorgeous bottle of very lovely Jo Malone "Grapefruit" parfum(courtesy Hansoo)!

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