In Memoriam: Eartha Kitt & Harold Pinter

Two entertainment legends passed over the holidays: singer/actress Eartha Kitt and playwright and Noble Laureate Harold Pinter. Eartha was best known for playing Catwoman in the campy 1960s television version of Batman and for her distinctive singing style. She was a gay icon supreme. Pinter was one of the greatest writers ever -- The CaretakerThe Birthday Party and his screenplay for The French Lieutenant's Woman, among many other fabulous things. Both Kitt, 81, and Pinter, 78, lost battles with cancer. They will be missed.


Anonymous said…
Anyone who fascinated Orson Welles so must've been a treasure. Now your "Katrina Origins" carries more weight.

Not familiar with Pinter, however.
Anonymous said…
Eartha was amazing. Love that video you posted. I've danced to that in the club a number of times.

Hi Coll...trying to get up-to-speed, trying to check out the blogosphere every few days.
I was surprised to see Harold Pinter here at your blog. But of course, I shouldn't be--after all, he was a brilliant writer, and he was British--of course you'd mention him!
I have quite an "homage" to him at my blog.

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