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  You can always count on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to tell it like it is, and this 10 minutes on Rick Warren really sums it up. In this report, she mentions that Warren's Saddleback Church website has a message that says homosexuals are not welcome. Not surprisingly, that little piece of bigotry has been removed now that Warren will be giving the invocation at Obama's inauguration. Sickening. If Obama really wants to be presidential, he should step up and say I made a mistake and we're not going to give this hatemonger an international platform.

I'll be heading back to SoCal in April to read with Brendan Constantine and Cecilia Woloch at Tebot Bach's reading series at Golden West College. Brendan has a new book out in early 2009 and I'm excited to be reading with two of my favorite poets! I'll also be heading back to the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans in May as a featured writer along with Megan Volpert, Theresa Davis and Amy King. We'll be presenting a panel on new media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, YouTube, listserves, etc.) and how poets and writers can use them to find an audience and network. We'll be giving a reading, too! 2009 is already shaping up to be a busy year. 

The Private Press, which published the two David Lynch-themed chapbooks, A Slice of Cherry Pie and We Don't Stop Here, is still looking for poems for the next installment centered on Lynch's Blue Velvet. The deadline is Dec. 31. We Don't Stop Here sold out its initial run, but is now available again for purchase! Check out The Private Press website to submit poems and purchase these gorgeous limited edition chapbook anthologies. 

An edited version of David Herrle's review of After the Poison is now posted on The Compulsive Reader website. Thanks to David and the site! 


Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you about that pastor. I don't understand how Obama chose Warren. I'm thinking I don't want Barack to be my sexless lover after all. This is serious.

But all the poetry news is great, Collin. I hope you can tape the California readings for youtube.

Blue Velvet is one of the most disturbing but sublime films ever. I've only seen it once, and I'll never forget it.
Anonymous said…
Did you read Melissa Etheridge's comment in the Huffington Post about meeting with Warren? She wants to build bridges. It's funny how just a few weeks ago she was screaming about not paying her taxes because Prop 8 didn't pass and now she's hugging the neck of one of the people who made it happen. What the fuck is going on?

As I said in a slightly different way, in a previous post here, it's great that Obama wants to get us all together to work on the envirnment/climate crisis, etc., and on that, we have Rick Warren(and his considerably huge following) willing to help out. But again, we(the LGBT community) should NOT be thrown under the bus, in order to attain that. This is really upsetting.
Melissa Etheridge signing her cd for Rick Warren kinda freaked me out, but I guess President-Elect Obama is really inspiring everyone to "reach out & reach across".
I dunno, it still feels really, really "one-sided"--I mean, when are THEY(the right-wing Christian Conservatives) going to "reach across" and be inclusive??
Anonymous said…
I don't think Obama is going to rescind the invite. I think he's banking on the fact that we're lefty anyway, so we'll support him regardless since the alternative is so much worse. I secretly think he's homophobic. It's just my gut.

Perhaps we should consider boycotting, or marching on washington, during the inauguration? I mean, until we can prove to the rest of the population that we can actually mobilize and affect some change (like they did in MILK, like we were unable to do with 8 and the other props across the country that passed) then we're going to keep getting the shaft. I just hope we can positively direct the rage around this to accomplish FAR MORE than just getting warren off the ticket - which is the minor battle, not the war.

Anyway, love the Maddow clip - and Anne Curry's expression when Warren says he wants to fuck everything that walks past him. HELLO!!!! I love Anne Curry, and he cameraman.
Anonymous said…
PS: I like M.E. but she's a pushover just tryna cell CDs. Sorry Ethy but the truth hurts!

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