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I have not felt well for the last two or three days, thus my absence from the blog aside from a video. I don't know if I've had a stomach bug or what, but last night I was sick as a dog. However, I've had to go to work every day because we are in an absolute crunch at the magazine to get the January issue completed and to the printer before the Christmas holiday. 

I was going to have a "Read This" entry up tonight, but it will probably be tomorrow. I've read the book and have some thoughts, but just haven't had the energy to write it. Stay's a fantastic chapbook. 

I was delighted to learn that poet Robert Lee Brewer had used a line from "Fairy Tale Eating Disorders" from After the Poison as an epigraph to a poem he published on his blog, Poetic Asides, at Writer's Digest. Thank you, RLB. 

Congratulations to two of my poetry pals for winning an NEA: C. Dale Young and Atlanta's own Chelsea Rathburn. Both very deserving poets. 

Guess what's coming in January, kids? Oh yes, oh's American Idol season eight. It kicks off with a two-night, four-hour premiere on January 13, 2009. I'm already sharpening my snarky claws. I plan to blog the shows here and at Entertainment Weekly's TV Talk. If you're new to the blog, here's the link to one of last year's posts when David Archuleta and David Cook were known as the Fetus and the Combforward. Ahhh...misty, watercolor memories. 


Hi Coll--I just caught up with your Thursday post(strange--I posted that same video!!), and today(Friday's) post.
Hope you are feeling better. I'm readying myself to go to Cleveland for that surgery. I can't wait for AI--your Royal Snarky Self will make it so much fun--watching AI, reading your reviews, and recuperating!
Anonymous said…
Hope you're feeling better. Oh god i can't believe it's almost time for American Idol again. I should be rested and ready for your write ups by then. I have a bad feeling about the new season with them adding that new judge and rumors that they are not going to be mean to people during the auditions.

Anonymous said…
What if *everyone* who planned to follow American Idol instead devoted that time to earning some money - whether by cleaning the closet and selling stuff on EBay, a part-time job, writing a byline to have it published, whatever - and then donated the proceeds to someone in need, or some cause important to them. How much would it be? what impact might it have on some peoples' lives? would the world be "a better place" for the effort?

At typical copywritier pay ($80-100 per hour or so), that could be $1000 after just ten episodes... times a million people is a billion dollars. Shifting diversion from the worthless to the worthwhile even one hour a week could make a big difference.
Collin Kelley said…
Well, as someone who sells stuff on eBay, works a second job as a freelance copyeditor and writer on top of my full-time job as an editor, the extra money will definitely be going to someone in need -- me. American Idol is entertainment, and since it's free, I think many people will be watching to escape the hum-drum of trying to eek out a living during the tough economic times. If you think it's worthless, don't watch it.
Kate Evans said…
I'll be Idol-ing via you.
C. Dale said…
Oh, I can't wait for your Idol write-ups!
Kudos to you, Coll, on your response to the anonymous would-be do-gooder. As someone who volunteers ALOT, I think an hour or even two hours a week of pure crazy fun, is exactly what we all need! Ahhhhhh, "American Idol"/Collin Kelley" reviews!
Anonymous said…
Collin, I just read your work in Ouroboros Review. Great work. I especially love Club Amnesia, which made me laugh out loud but then hit a different note for me at the end, one I didn't expect.
Anonymous said…
Sorry you were feeling puny. I just got over a bad cold myself. And yes, I'll admit it, I watch Idol too. And even call in to vote.

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