Three reviews of After the Poison in Galatea

I received an email this morning from Galatea Resurrects editor Eileen Tabios that the new edition was live and contained not one, but three reviews of After the Poison. Sam Rasnake, Helen Losse and Robert Wood have all written lovely things about the chapbook. Here's a sample from each and links to read the full reviews:

It is a cliche to say of a poet that he writes as if his hair is on fire. Collin Kelley writes as if the world is on fire. And it is. -- Robert Wood

There’s also a beauty in these poems—in the relentless language that unmasks, that disrobes the beast that is the new millennium. It’s a work that challenges us to understand, to dare to change. -- Sam Rasnake

Throughout After the Poison, Kelley’s language is uncluttered, his images clear. The reader is never left to solve a word puzzle, but neither language nor image is simplistic. -- Helen Losse

Many, many thanks to these fine poets for taking time to review the book and to Eileen at Galatea for publishing them. This is a fine Christmas present indeed.


Maggie May said…
congratulations- those reviews are wonderful!
DeadMule said…
Hi Collin. I try to give Mule poets all the press I can.
Anonymous said…
Those are great reviews! You should put Robert Woods on the jacket of your next book.

Anonymous said…
Pris said…
As you know, I have your book and love it. It deserves these reviews and more!
January said…
Woo hoo! Must add your book to my wish list.

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