Tuesday Bits

On Jan. 31, I'm going to be the guest on The Joe Milford Poetry Show reading selections from After the Poison and recently published work, as well as an interview. The online radio show picks up where my own Business of Words left off, but Joe has some serious connections because he's had an amazing line up of guests so far: Tony Hoagland, Reb Livingston, Bob Hicock, C.D. Wright and Dean Young to name just a few. Upcoming shows include interviews and readings by Sarah Manguso, Luc Simonic, CK Williams and many more. I'm thrilled Joe asked me to do the show. More info, time, etc. soon! 

On Saturday night, I went to Poetry at Tech for the evening of spoken word. Had the pleasure of sitting with Tania Rochelle, Megan Volpert and her lovely wife, Mindy. The poets were Taylor Mali, Marty McConnell, Roger Bonair-Agard and Atlanta's own Gypsee Yo. It was one of the best evenings of poetry I've heard in ages. Funny, moving, political, queer and all stops in between. Loved hearing new stuff from Gypsee and Megan asked Marty about featuring at the 2009 Atlanta Queer Lit Fest. She knocked our socks off. 

Since I didn't feel well much of last week, Sunday was a big catch up day. I wrote a new poem, redrafted another and got my novel ready to send out again to a couple of publishers. I'm happy with the new poem, since it's the first thing I've written in nearly two months that I actually like. I've had a couple of requests for work from some journals, so I'm rooting around to see what's ready and what's nearly ready. 

I haven't had time to read the book I want to do for this week's "Read This," so I'm going to do a special "Watch This," which will post tomorrow evening. Its' a brilliant, still-timely film starring Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek. That's a hint for you.


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to hearing your interview.

Emily A. Benton said…
congrats, Collin! remind us closer to the date
Maggie May said…
anything with sissy is good

Unknown said…
how the F do you find the time to do everything you do and also watch movies?

marty is great! i did a panel thing with her at a local college recently and we had a blast. she's featuring for me at cornelia street in a few months and i know my audience will love her.


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