Vote For Jim Martin

Georgia's incumbent Republican senator Saxby Chambliss gets his ass handed to him by Fox News. Doh! You know you're in serious trouble when Fox turns on you. Chambliss has ran one of the nastiest, most disreputable campaigns I've ever seen. He's accused Democratic challenger Jim Martin of everything from aiding in the death of a child to putting mentally ill people on the streets. Chambliss even brought down Sarah Palin yesterday to campaign with him around Georgia. Of course, she ate the spotlight and said Georgia was the first stop in rebuilding the GOP while her supporters handed out "Palin for President" t-shirts at all the stops. Chambliss is a right-winger who, like McCain, doesn't understand the economy and wants to strip people of their human and civil rights. I'll be voting for Jim Martin today in the runoff. If you live in Georgia, I urge you to do the same.


Rupert said…
yes, let's send Shameless home - I got a robo-call yesterday from Michelle Obama - very fun, I started talking back to her - "Hi, Michelle! Thanks for calling! Yup, gonna vote for sure!" lol
January said…
Good luck today. Throw the bum out!
Voted earlier today; I hope Jim Martin gets in!
We need a strong turn-out to do that!!
Unknown said…
my fingers are crossed for jim martin today. good luck, atlanta!

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