In Memoriam: Carol Mitchell-Leon

The great Atlanta actress and teacher Carol Mitchell-Leon has died after a long illness at the age of 57. I had the pleasure of interviewing Carol several times and seeing her in dozens of stage shows here in Atlanta, including her masterful turn as Amanda Wingfield in Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie (pictured above). Movie audiences will remember her from Fried Green Tomatoes, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Idlewild. Carol had that rare gift of being able to disappear into a role so completely that you never thought for a moment you were watching an actor. She could play anything...from comedy to drama. She was a great lady and will be missed. 

(Photo by Louie Favorite/AJC)


Thank you Collin for posting this. She possessed a brilliant mind, superb talent, and was a beautiful, kind lady!I heard about this the other day, but had not posted about it. Thank you again.
Anonymous said…
Sad news, Collin. I've seen her perform on stage, and in Fried Green Tomatoes - you're so right about her acting abilities. What a great experience for you to have known her and interviewed her, besides seeing all her plays.
Anonymous said…
We celebrate your life Carol :)
Anonymous said…
The virtue of a real woman. She is gone but she will never be forgotten. She will forever hold a place in my ❤️. Philadelphia Love.

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