Joe Milford Poetry Show Interview Today

I'll be reading from After the Poison and discussing Conquering Venus this evening on The Joe Milford Poetry Show starting at 5 p.m. eastern time. You can listen live at If you can't listen to the live show it will be archived. Check out Joe's archive for some of the other amazing poets Joe has had on the show recently, including Bob Hicock, Dean Young, Tony Hoagland. Sarah Manguso and Reb Livingston.

UPDATE: The 90 minute reading and interview has now been archived. It was a fun, wide-ranging show. Thanks for having me on, Joe!


Radish King said…
I can't wait to hear this, Collin. I love your voice.
stacebro said…
Me, too. It's all biscuits and gravy and the good stuff about the South that I miss.
Anonymous said…
I'll be listening.

David said…
Enjoyed the entire reading/interview, Collin! Very pleased to hear "Wonder Woman," especially.

And your spiel on poetic form, stuffy academicians, etc.

Good job.
Anonymous said…
I was having buffering issues so I went back and listened to most of it on the archive. Glad to hear the new stuff. I liked it. I'm sure some of your comments will piss other poets off.

Liz said…
Enjoyed the show, Collin - great talk and poetry...very inspiring.
Radish King said…
Little birdies flying past the window poetry.


God yes.


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