American Idol 8 - Second 12 Results

I won't keep you long on this post. After another messy group sing and Miss Seacrest and the producers trying to find new ways to build "suspense" on who makes the Top 12, the only surprise here was cute boy Kris Allen making it over Megan Corkrey. I had a feeling he might be a dark horse because he's adorable. The other two: Allison Iraheta (wearing the most unfortunate looking dress -- it looked like she was wearing a polka dot bra) and my fiance Adam Lambert, who sang "Satisfaction" again and dialed it back a notch or two. Last season flameout Brooke White showed up to sing her first single, a forgettable piece of schlock. Another hour of my life I'll never get back. 


Pris said…
Collin, even though I don't follow the show, I like to know what's going on in it and watch the youtubes of finalists and winners. So...thanks for your blog. It keeps me up to snuff.
Anonymous said…
Megan Cockring will be a wild card for sure. Why are these shows an hour. It's stupid.

christine said…
I watch the show because of your commentary, Collin. It makes it fun for me, because I want to get your take on it.

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