Snow, Poetry & Other Notes

The UK was hit by a massive snowstorm overnight. The photos are gorgeous and the notes I've received from friends over there say it's beautiful and a bit scary if you're out on the road. The Tube is shut down, all buses are off the road and more snow is expected in London. It looks like Atlanta will be missing out on the snow this year. Sigh.

Dustin Brookshire and his Limp Wrist journal are about to kick off a competition for poets that is not only free, but sounds like it's going to be a heckuva lotta fun. Project Verse will award the winner publication of a limited-edition chapbook, a week-long residency at Marilyn Nelson's Soul Mountain Retreat, an interview on The Joe Milford Poetry Show and guaranteed reviews of the chapbook in Limp Wrist and ouroboros review. Did I mention all of this is FREE?! Like it's inspiration Project Runway, you're either in or your out and a panel of judges will decide each week who gets the big "auf wiedersehen." There will also be guest judges each week, offering up snarky commentary and praise for those who truly deserve it. This will be a fairly grueling competition for the contestants, but the rewards are great. For all the details on this competition, head over to Dustin's blog. I'll see you on the runway. 

Thanks again to everyone who listened to my interview on The Joe Milford Poetry Show on Saturday, and to all of those who have downloaded it from the archive since. Joe sent me a note this morning that 75 people had downloaded the interview since Saturday night. Very cool! If you haven't listened to it, you can hear it streaming from the show's homepage or download the mp3 in the archives now. 


I listened to it. Loves it!
I listened. Mentioned in a note to Joe that I liked it!

Thanks for mentioning Project Verse!
Pris said…
I just downloaded it. It's been on my mental list of things to do since I knew you'd be on!

Snow in the U.K. Yes, heard from friends there who were amazed by the amount of snow. Their daughter got halfway to work and couldn't go futher because of snow related accidents.

If you think of another way to use that red dress, give me your ideas, btw. I'd like to keep that last stanza if I can work that out. Thanks for commenting.
Lisa Allender said…
Great updates, Coll. I did read about Project Verse at Dustin's I Was Born Doing Reference Work In Sin blog.
The snowy pic of London,is lovely!

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