Tuesday Report

There will be no American Idol recap tonight. I know, I know... how could I? Tonight is another Hollywood round (which have proven to be a pain in the ass to recap anyway) and tomorrow night we'll find out the Top 36. However, if you scoot on over to Vote For the Worst you can see the spoiler for the 36 has been posted for a few weeks now. I'll have a recap up tomorrow evening touching on tonight and talking about the Top 36. 

The main reason I'm missing the recap is that on top of the proofing for Conquering Venus, I'm going to dinner and a poetry reading at Outwrite Books tonight featuring Megan Volpert, Reginald Jackson and Franklin Abbott. 

Conquering Venus proofing chugging along. Plan to be finished by end of the week. Can't wait to see the bound galley. That will really make it "real."

UPDATE II: I've been totally wrong twice now because I can't keep up with the fuckery American Idol is throwing at us. Last night they narrowed it down to 72 and tomorrow (Feb. 11)  they name the final Top 36 in a two-hour snore fest. 


congrats on Venus! Looking forward to it.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe how fast it is all happening, Collin. So exciting, so so exciting!!!!
Greg said…
Hey Collin, I'll have a recap up in a bit on IdolSeason8.com
If anyone visits, just don't scroll down too far if you don't want to see a spoiler. Its clearly marked. Thanks.
palais said…
Collin, let's just face it, we need to get on our thinking caps and come up with nicknames for Norman and Tatiana and pray to God that there is real talent in this mess.
I'll see you next week, buddy, for the battle of the snark.
christine said…
Exciting times, Collin. When the proofing is done you deserve a nice long rest.

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