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I was inspired by January O'Neil's v-log showing off her work space. A couple of people asked me to post a photo of my office ages ago, so here it is. I spent about 45 minutes on Sunday getting it back in order and filing things away so I can have a clear work surface as the second novel progresses. 

It's a pretty basic: there's my trusty MacBook, my wireless Mac mouse on a Roy Lichtenstein mat of his House sculpture and the books on my desk are what I'm currently reading or referring to often (Mark Doty, Sharon Olds and the Pushcart anthology are in there). That bookshelf is full of poetry and there's another one just like it on the other wall, also full of poetry. The red book facing out on the top shelf is a limited-edition, autographed copy of The Book of Folly by Anne Sexton. One of my prized possessions. If the apartment ever catches fire, I'm taking the Mac and that book.

If you blow the image up a bit, you'll see the poison bottle from the cover of After the Poison sitting next to left of the Sexton book, and just behind that a steropticon card of the Venus de Milo from the 1920s. Two of my favorite eBay finds. 

I'd love to see more people post their workspaces. I'm always curious to see where people make their "magic" happen.


jaxx said…
what a lovely, cozy, orderly (!) space. i may take your suggestion and post a photo of my workspace(s) -- but there's a bit of organizing to be done first!
Emily A. Benton said…
i enjoy seeing these, too. I remember NY Mag did a photo series of "famous" writers' desks sometime last year.

and I'm with Jaxx - I'm willing to show mine, once it gets unburied! lately, I've mostly been writing from the couch.
Anonymous said…
What's that furry thing almost out of the frame at the left?

That's the same desk I had in my NYC and Columbus offices.

An autographed Anne Sexton book. Wow. Put me in your Will to get that.
Collin Kelley said…
Gav - There's vertical file on my desk where I keep manuscripts, etc. in progress and clipped to it is a tiny koala bear my friend John from Australia brought to me when we met up for the Kate Bush anthology release.

MM - The desk is a Target special. It's that expresso color and very sturdy. It's moved with me to three different apartments.
ann said…
(This is the only picture I have...sorry)


to have a job!
Grateful for the reflective building
that doesn’t let out air
conditioning so cold your nipples
padded bras uplift your breast to
your boss to say hello
pardon I ain’t
but I can type quickly
and hold my own
corporate two-step
up to the plate of pennies
for a thought
in the budget
Team player
Dragon slayer
Muzak make
Her security
Fake her into gasoline taker
To just gyrate more
inflation whore for a
lucky score.
David said…
Nice peek, Collin. I dig seeing others' work spaces.

I've some pics of my lair from last year. There should be a work-space showcase website.

Chelle Cordero said…
Sorry Collin, the last time I posted a pic of my workspace, it was in a messy office contest - I was humbled by NOT winning or even placing.

Nowadays I usually hve to work around a cat lounging on my desk as well.

Welcome to VHP by the way.

I love that I KNOW this place. :)
Maggie May said…
you have an autographed Anne Sexton!!! holy shit!!!
Lisa Allender said…
Cute, Coll. You're always quite neat. Me, not-so-much!
Here you go, Collin:



As in super duper

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