Snow In Atlanta At Last

We've already got about two inches of snow on the ground and might have up to four by the end of the day. It's really gorgeous outside, and it's not sticking too badly to the roads. However, with temperatures dropping, there is concern the slushy will freeze over. The Poetry Out Loud regional competition I was supposed to emcee today was just canceled, so I'll be home today drinking tea and watching the gorgeous snowfall.

Yesterday, I hosted the first part of the Poetry Out Loud regionals at the Atlanta History Center. The students were amazing and I know the judges -- which included Katie Chaple and Travis Denton -- had tough decisions to make. Thanks to Melanie Eisenhart and the AHC for asking me to emcee. It was a fun afternoon.

On Friday night, I went down to Fayetteville and read during the 11th annual Blended Heritage event at the Fayette County Library. It was standing and sitting on the floor room only. There were 175 people easily. It was a treat to see so many old friends and hear the great Ferrol Sams read from his novel in progress. Many thanks to Christeen Snell for inviting me.


Lisa Allender said…
Oh, lovely snow! It's just keeps coming down, down, down.We have well over 2"--maybe 3" right now!I'm making home-made hot chocolate to drink, and chai tea, too.
I hope to attend that Blended Heritage Festival, next year, Coll. It surely sounds fun!
Pris said…
I hear it's snowing in Charlotte, N.C., too, just an hour above where I grew up. Isn't it nice to get snow in the south where it rarely ever comes? Everything just shuts down and people relax. When I lived in the midwest and in Boston we had snowploughs so all snow meant was more time to clean the car off for your commute to work and wondering if ice was under the slush you drove through.
It's about time you guys get that snowcrap. We've been getting hit with it since October and I've about had it.
Anonymous said…
Glad you finally got the snow you'd been wanting.

January said…
There's about 8 inches so far in my neck of the woods.

I was in Atlanta a few years ago during a really big ice storm--it was bad. Hope you got a snow day today.
jaxx said…
i didn't think it EVER snowed in atlanta!

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