American Idol - Adam and Kris Perform

It's the beginning of the end for season eight of American Idol. The final two -- Adam Lambert and Kris Allen -- sang tonight and East Coast voting is under way. The general consensus is that Adam -- or Glambert, or  Madam Lambert or Dark Lord Screamanova as his mentally disturbed fans (mostly women, but also a few 40-year-old IT guys who drink too much and have no lives) call him over at the Idol forum -- will win. As much as I'd like to see big gay Adam win, I've come around the fact that he might just have a bigger career if he comes in second. Kris Allen, while cute, cuddly and right with Jesus, seems to be a nice enough lad, he's got the personality of a house plant and will definitely need the extra Idol push to help him sustain a career. Taylor Hicks, Fantasia, Ruben...they haven't lived up to their promise. 

For tonight's show, Adam and Kris sang three songs each: a favorite performance from the season, a producer's pick and the obligatory "coronation song" written this year by useless judge, Kara DioGuardi. Before I even heard the song, I was looking for the vom bucket. 

Adam Lambert: He smartly chose "Mad World" and, in my opinion, sang it better this time around. He came down the stairs in a long black coat into swirling dry ice. Simon, predictably, called it theatrical and like something out of Phantom of the Opera. The other three judges were breathless in their praise and adoration. For the producer's pick, Adam powered through "A Change Is Gonna Come," prompting Paula to call it his best performance of the season and that he was destined to be "iconic." The bluesy/rock song was perfect for Adam and he was definitely in fine voice. As expected, Kara DioVomit's song was a schmaltz-fest called "No Boundaries" and had lyrics about climbing mountains, surviving hurricanes and never giving up on your dreams. Simon hated the song, and pretty much laughed in Kara's face (I love Simon sometimes!), but said Adam would be a worldwide star. 

Kris Allen: For his choice he went back to "Ain't No Sunshine," seated at the piano and being very earnest. He was good, and Kara nearly went into orgasmic frenzy again in her praise. Simon said Kris had won the first face off, but we all know he's behind Adam after last week's pimping. The cameras cutting to the wife-who-should-not-be-seen-because-it-kills-the-tween/gay-vote didn't help either. The producer's choice of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" almost seemed like sabotage. As Simon and Randy said, it was too lightweight for the evening and the vocal was good, but boring. Kris' take on "No Boundaries" was a complete disaster. He sounded flat, breathy and out of tune the entire song. I felt terrible for him it was so bad. Even Kara said it didn't suit his voice and she wrote the shit. God, I can't fucking stand her useless ass.

Tomorrow night is the finale. Two hours of hell, which Miss Seacrest said would run long so set your DVR's accordingly. Adam has got this locked up. Trust. 


Anonymous said…
Did they say Kara co wrote that song with Cath Dennis? Cathy Dennis of Touch Me All Night Long and Just Another Dream? She should be taken out and punched a few times also. I cannot believe one of those guys will have to record that.

Lisa Allender said…
Hi Coll. I just blogged about Adam, and WHY it means more than mere pop icon staus, if he wins. I mean, WHEN he wins!
Great to read that you have confidence in him.This will be FUN!
GO ADAM!!!!!

confirmation word:efunatic
Peter said…
I thought the finale was B-O-R-I-N-G. I hope to god Adam wins, as he is hands down the best singer. But even if he loses, his carreer has been teed up for him.
christine said…
your re-cap is excellent, as usual. I'm commenting late, after the results of the contest have been announced. You have a great bead on the zeitgeist, Collin.

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