Twitter issue of OCHO online now!

On May 11, the Poets on Twitter post appeared here on the Modern Confessional blog. The next day, Didi Menendez -- founder of OCHO and MiPOesias literary magazines -- and I discussed doing a special edition of OCHO featuring poets who appeared on the list of Twitter poets. In less than three weeks, OCHO #24 Featuring Twitter Poets is now online. You will be able to order print copies soon. 

This is the power of Twitter and the Internet. In just a few short weeks, we have a literary magazine filled with some fine poets from all over the world. I think that's what tickles me the most. So, who's in the issue? Here are the contributors: Ivy Alvarez, Patty Paine, Anne Haines, Matthew Hittinger, Christine Klocek-Lim, Pris Campbell, Nancy Devine, JS van Buskirk, Kate Evans, Alex Dimitrov, Rachel Barenblat, Saeed Jones, Stacie Boschma, Ray Succre, Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Cheryl Snell, Andrew Demcak, Karen Head, Pamela Johnson Parker, Rosemary Nissen-Wade, Will Kenyon, Sherry Chandler, AnnMarie Eldon, Christine Swint, Deb Scott, Scott Edward Anderson, Samuel Peralta, Emily A. Benton, Shann Palmer, Montgomery Maxton, Christopher Hennessy, Jackie Sheeler, Peggy Eldridge-Love, Tammy Knot, Luisa A. Igloria, Robert Lee Brewer, C. Cleo Creech and Cole Krawitz.

Enjoy the poems and follow these folks on Twitter. You will see their @names next to their by-lines. In the spirit of Twitter, poet bios are 140 characters. Many thanks to Didi, who made my first guest-editing gig such a breeze. 


Nic Sebastian said…
It looks great! So sorry to have missed the op. Congratulations! Nic
Anonymous said…
This looks cool. Love the cover art.

Thanks so much for putting it together! I'm really enjoying reading it.
Cheryl Snell said…
Fabulous job, Collin! Many thanks to you and Didi.
christine said…
It's wonderful Collin! I'm amazed by how fast it all happened. Thanks to you and Didi for including me. Brilliant concept for a magazine.
Cleo said…
I love this online viewing format they use. But also looking forward to ordering a couple of copies when they go live at amazon.
Thanks, Collin and Didi!

It looks great!
I really love it! Such a good read (even apart from me, lol) and so beautifully presented. Many thanks to you both for this initiative, and to issuu - an interesting site I was previously unaware of - for making it possible.

Patty said…
Thank you so much Collin, and Didi!
Ivy said…
Thank you, Collin and Didi — great job! :-)
Anne Haines said…
It looks great - very pleased to be a part of this :)
Maggie May said…
How very cool!
Thanks, Collin and Didi--I'm so flattered to be a part of this.
Pris said…
Thanks to you both. I love the issue and am pleased to be in it, too!
David (H) said…
Mother Mercy, this is cool. I'm on Twitter, but I've treated it like a unloaded gun at a firing range. Should capitalize on it, I see.

Time to learn to tweet. :)

I'll link to this from the TEA, of course.

Good work!
David (H) said…
AN unloaded gun, rather.
Nancy Devine said…
collin and didi-
thanks so much for your work on this project; i cannot believe how quickly you did it and how terrific it looks.
i'm thrilled to be included and excited to get reading now that i'm back from vacation.
Unknown said…
I'm thrilled with this issue. Thanks Collin and Didi!
Kate Evans said…
great job!!
Will have to get with the Twittering!
Very impressive(once again) Coll.

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