Amazon rank, blog tour & Espresso Book Machine

Got a note from Kimberlee at Vanilla Heart today that Conquering Venus already has a sales ranking in the 50,000 range at, which means out of the four million titles (thereabouts), I'm number 50,000 on the list. Today, anyway. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered and if you haven't already please consider doing so.

There's now a Facebook fan page for Conquering Venus, which you can find at this link.

I, sadly, won't be attending the West Hollywood Book Fair this year. Vanilla Heart submitted my name, along with the fabulous Kate Evans, for reading spots and we were not selected. Instead, I'm going to focus on regional readings and signings -- North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and New Orleans are in the works -- and then began going further afield to places like D.C., New York, Texas and the West.

I've set up a dozen stops on the Conquering Venus blog book tour. There will be Q&As, guest posts and maybe even some video action. I'll be announcing stops on the tour soon.

Along with the novel being available at Kindle and other eBook sites, Vanilla Heart will also make it available for the Espresso Book Machine. Read the recent article and watch the video above on how a perfect bound paperback book can be made in minutes while the customer waits at a bookstore, coffee house, or just about anywhere.


Semaphore said…
Collin, congratulations on the Amazon ranking! I have to tell you that yesterday I tried ordering (or pre-ordering) on, where I have an account - but there was no record of the book. I would have thought that and worked off the same database, but apparently not. Anyway, when it pops up over here, I'm buying it. Cheers!
Collin Kelley said…
I think it popped up a little earlier than expected on the US Amazon, so it might take a little longer for it to appear in other Amazon sites like .ca and .uk. How Amazon decides when to post these things is another great mystery. Keep watching the blog for more updates, and thanks for the support. :)
Maggie May said…
A huge congratulations Collin!! I'm really so happy for you. 50,000 blows my mind.
Collin Kelley said…
Well, let me be more precise about the sales ranking. The general thought is that Amazon has about 4 million titles. If you're sales ranking is in the 50,000 range, that doesn't mean you've sold 50,000 copies. It means that if there were a Top 4 Million List, I'd be number 50,000. lol
christine said…
I ordered! It was as easy as pie. You will continue to soar in those rankings, I'm sure, especially since you're starting so strong.

Espresso Books sounds like a great idea.
jaxx said…
just put in my order. the avalanche of venus continues!

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