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Conquering Venus is now available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble for only $11.21! That's quite a savings from, so if you haven't ordered a copy visit this link. A few of my UK friends inquired when the book would be available there, so I asked Vanilla Heart and was told the book will soon be available for order at, (Germany) and (yay, France!) and also through distributors including Gardners, Bertram and BDS, who supply to libraries primarily in the UK.

Vanilla Heart is holding a big "Build Your Bookshelf" contest to win 25 novels, including Conquering Venus. There are multiple ways to enter and you can see all the details at this link.

I haven't ranted and raved about politics lately, but I am worried that President Obama's health care reform push is verging on epic fail 2.0. There's a bill in the House, a bill in the Senate and still not enough answers on how it will be paid for. There are 46 million people in this country without insurance and that must change. The idea that Congress wants to take a four-week break in the middle of all this verges on criminal. The Democrats are setting themselves up again for another fall into conservative hands, and if Obama doesn't play his cards right, there won't be a second term. I shudder to think of another Republican taking control of the country in three and a half years.


ButtonHole said…
Congrats on the Build Your Bookshelf list, Collin! How does it feel to be a Real Live Novelist?? I must order.

I, too, am worried about where this Administration is heading. I hold on to the faith, but it is, I am so loathe to admit, being shaken a bit.
christine said…
The republicans want nothing but to tear him down. The people need to rally behind him.
Lisa Allender said…
We can still win this, Coll.
EVERYONE needs to write(via e-mail) their senators & congresspersons and urge them to VOTE ON THIS, pronto!
Fantastic news on the novel, Collin!

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