Poets On Twitter 2.0

In May, I posted the first Poets on Twitter list in response to the Mashable.com list of 100 writers on Twitter, which didn't include any poets. That list brought thousands (more than 4,000 in just two days) to Modern Confessional and prompted publisher Didi Menendez to suggest we co-edit an edition of OCHO literary magazine featuring poets on Twitter. It was an amazing experience.

Of course, there were many poets who didn't make the list or who weren't on Twitter at the time. This list is by no means complete, and if I overlooked you -- all apologies. I used the same criteria as the last list: individual poets who identify themselves by their real name and are actively tweeting. Following the denial-of-service attack on Thursday, Twitter has been acting up and some folks accounts no longer seem to be active. If that's the case, let me know and I'll make sure to add you.

There are familiar names here and not-so-familiar names. That's what the list is for -- to introduce poets of all sorts. So, without further ado: Poets on Twitter 2.0

January O'Neil: @januaryoneil
Joseph Quintela: @josephquintela
Martha Silano: @marthasilano
Robin Kemp: @profkemp
Robert Peake: @peakepoetics
Pamela Ross: @writerross
Mary Cronin: @maryecronin
Jason Davis: @jazzone
Cara A. Mulheron: @rainbowmagick
Leslie DeJesus Marson: @phatgyrl
Allen Taylor: @worldclasspoet
Jacob Sam-La Rose: @jsamlarose
Liz Harward: @labgal
Chris Twitery: @christwitery
Anthony C. Howe: @sirwumpus
Alberto J. Trevino: @atetal
Guy Vincent: @guy_vincent
Phil Boiarski: @boiarski
John Ladd: @paradisetossed
Kerry Slavens: @kerryslavens
Brian Pike: @paiku
Kristy Westendorp: @bettieboudoir
Dave Morris: @davemorrisisa
Jake Adam York: @jakeadamyork
Julie Bloemeke: @juliebloemeke
Rebecca Loudon: @rloudon
Sam Rasnake: @samrasnake
Brian Campbell: @passengerflight
Diane Lockward: @dianelock
Barbara Jane Reyes: @bjanepr
Larry "Lorenzo" Fish: @theamericanpoet
Jon London: @jonlondonpoet
Carolee Sherwood: @caroleesherwood
Bernard Fraely: @bernfraley
Melissa Fondakowski: @mfondakowski
Dana Guthrie Martin: @mygorgeous
Mike Dockins: @sloucher72
Patrique Vosges: @patriquevosges
Paul Badger: @paulpoetry
Nathan Deen: @braindog242
Carmen Palmer: @carmencpalmer
Edward Byrne: @edwardbyrne
Suzanne Frischkorn: @litwindowpane
David-Matthew Barnes: @xoxodmb
Belinda Subraman: @belindasubraman
Theresa Davis: @piraterockstar
M. Kei: @kujakupoet
Jeffrey Thomson: @jeffreythomson
Stephen S. Mills: @stephenscott22
Bryan Borland: @poeticgrin
Alonzo Rumfelt: @homericgeek
Ellen Hopkins: @ellenhopkinsya
Courtney Ray: @melancholyroot
Jen Campbell: @yellowstring
Gillian Sze: @gilliansze
Eduardo Ribeiro: @edoowado
Francis Scud: @franscud
Bernadette Geyer: @bernadettegeyer
JC Reilly: @aishatonu
Heidi Colthup: @heidi_colthup
Keith Wilson: @robottomulatto
Julie Dill: @gatewaygroupie
Stephanie L. Brown: @1stephzen
Anne Boyer: @anne_boyer
Peter Ciccariello: @ciccariello

If you want to be on the Poets on Twitter 3.0 list, which will post before the end of the year, leave your name and @name in the comments.


Hello Collin,
I would like to be included in the 3.0 list. Thanks for posting this list!
Anonymous said…
Lynette @Jemfyr
Anonymous said…
Collin, for the list..please add me. = )

Lynette @Jemfyr
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the shout, Collin. Great that you're doing this to help us all connect.
Mark Holloway said…
If the others all move up a bit you might have room to squeeze me in
Jon London said…
Hi Colin my friend, I'd be delighted if you'd add me to the 3.0 list...thanks for your help..you're a diamond Sir
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the inclusion and all the work that went into the list! - Bryan Borland
Nick Piombino said…
Would appreciate it if you would add my name to your growing list.
Nick Piombino
Rose said…
You overlooked me, but that's ok. Great List!

Anonymous said…
I got a surge of new people following my twitter account.

6 hours later, I check your blog, and discover why. Haha. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hi Collin,
Would love to be added to your next list of poets.

Thank you.

@susanwrites Susan Taylor Brown
Anonymous said…
I am not famous or widely published, but I do write poetry. Great idea :)

kelli Justice said…
Please add me... I've been around and have come back obessively ;-)

Kelli Justice @justkel

Julie Platt said…
Thanks for posting, Collin!

Julie Platt / @plattitude
Anonymous said…
Collin, thank you for the time you have put into making these lists. It's very generous of you to give poets a way to connect with one another on Twitter.
nancy said…
Would love to be in the company of some of my personal favourites up there too

Nancy Messieh
Sarah said…
HI! Please add me to your next list. Thanks!

Sarah Leigh Graham

Rupert said…
i'm just a desktop kinda guy but I can be Tweet-found -@RupertF - thanks!
Barry Harris said…
include me in your 3.0 list.

Barry Harris,Editor
Tipton Poetry Journal
Barry Harris said…
include me in your 3.0 list.


Barry Harris,Editor
Tipton Poetry Journal
Jinkyong said…
I hope to be on your next list. My name is Julia Allen and my twitter is @juliassi
contact me: said…
Add me to the list:
Tomas Boudreau @ tomasboudreau

or find my poetry:
Joan Colby said…
Please add me to your list. Joan Colby aka poetjm
Brian Campbell said…
Remarkable what you're doing here. I proclaim you Poet Hero of the Twitters.

Brian Campbell said…
Woops, I'm already on the list. A free ticket for Passenger Flight. Thanks.
Me want on list.
Tweet me, at:
Thanks, Coll.
Okay, somebody is very tired.
The comment I left earlier, Should read:
Anonymous said…
Me! Me! Me! Me!
JL Kato said…
Please include me on on the 3.0 list. Thank you.

JL Kato @jlkatopoet
Tim Hamilton said…
Can you please include me on the list?

Tim Hamilton @tshamilton
Hi there. Please add me to your 3.0 twitter list. My name is Radames Ortiz (@RadamesO. Thanks!
Ron Slate said…
Ron Slate ... @ronslate
Great list!

Please add:

Chris Weige


David Feld said…
David Feld


also lurking at http://davidpoetic.wordpress.com
John Ladd said…

It's such an honor to be included on this great list of Twitter poets. Thanks for doing such a great service for our Twitter poetry community!
Martha Silano said…
Please include me in your 3.0 list. My tweet handle is marthasilano, and I blog at http://bluepositive.blogspot.com thanks!
Anonymous said…
@RasheedMoore http://bit.ly/O1Kxc
Alex said…
Hi there,
please add me to your 3.0 list.
My name is Alex von Vaupel, @alexvonvaupel on Twitter, and I blog here: http://alexvonvaupel.com

Zinta Aistars said…
@ZintaAistars and @TheSmokingPoet

Thank you!
Justin Limoli said…
Justin Limoli @ JrLimoli

Writer said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Writer said…
Lorne Daniel said…
Thanks for the list Collin. Please add me: Lorne Daniel @LorneDaniel www.lornedaniel.com
The Muse said…
Thank you for the opportunity to listen, discuss, and learn...




Lurking is no longer an option :)

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