Pre-Order Conquering Venus

Just sent over final corrections for Conquering Venus to Vanilla Heart. It looks amazing, even as a PDF. I'll see a final, hard copy proof in a few weeks. Vanilla Heart also alerted me that has the novel available for pre-order for $14.95 with a release date of Aug. 5, but if you want to pre-order your copy, please do. The book will also be available for Kindle, the Sony Reader and other devices if you want to read it digitally. I'm also hoping that many of you will write a review on Amazon once you've read it. The more reviews the better! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.


Anonymous said…
I'll be ordering one! Get out to LA for a reading soon!

Peter said…
I've ordered mine. Looking forward. :)
January said…
Done! You're now on my list, Collin.


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