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Many thanks to Curt Holman at Creative Loafing for the article in this week's edition about the upcoming Decatur Book Festival. He quoted me at length -- mostly about poetry -- but there's also a plug for Conquering Venus. The magazine is also starting a "poem-a-day" on its website leading up to the festival, and one of mine will appear their soon. It might be something new.

Helen Losse, wonderful poet and Dead Mule School of Southern Literature poetry editor, has written the first long review of Conquering Venus and its now posted at Blogcritics. Here's a taste:

Kelley carefully and masterfully creates characters who must deal with the difficult situations in their various pasts — broken marriages, betrayal, sexual confusion and dishonesty, death, suicide, and family acceptance or denial of these — and a plot that draws them together on a trip to Paris.

Read the full review at this link.


DeadMule said…
If you liked the review, you'll love the book. :)
Hi Coll, It looks like many of us are reviewing you simultaneously! ;)

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