Conquering Venus out now!

Conquering Venus is now in stock at in both the print and Kindle editions. Vanilla Heart also alerted me that it's been shipped to the distributors, including Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

While some bookstores will have the novel on their shelves, I encourage all of you to ask your local bookseller to stock Conquering Venus to make it more widely available.

Also, please rate and review the novel at to help improve the sales rank and make it more noticeable to potential readers. Even if it's just a few lines, every review helps.

A nearly 15-year dream is finally realized. I hope you enjoy the novel and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

We have embarked...


Radish King said…
Congrats sir! THE DAY is very exciting.

wv: mentini! I think you should have one for breakfast to celebrate!
Anonymous said…
Congrats! And what a cool video there to the right.
christine said…
A great way to segue into the weekend, Collin! Hooray!
Congrats Collin! ;)
DeadMule said…
Congratulations, Collin.
stacebro said…
Congrats, CK! What a fabulous day!!!
jaxx said…
just got email confirmation that my copy is on the way!

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