Last night at Outwrite

Conquering Venus had its official launch last night at Outwrite Books here in Atlanta, and I was thrilled to see so many friends in the audience. Folks were standing in the aisles and I signed a bunch of books. I was nervous as hell and had a bit of Broadcast News flop sweat (watch the video below...not quite as bad as Albert Brooks, but it felt like it), but I got through the prologue and first chapter and everyone laughed in the right places and had insightful questions.  You can read Christine Swint's review of the evening at her Balanced on the Edge blog. She also took the picture at left. I also must thank the staff at Outwrite for making the evening such a success. If you live in Atlanta and want an autographed copy of Conquering Venus, Outwrite has some!

For the Decatur Book Festival reading, I'm going to read the second chapter, which introduces the other main character, Irène Laureux. She's been getting short shrift and it's time to put her voice out there. So, if you couldn't make it last night or if you just want to hear more of the story,  come out on Sept. 5 at 1:45 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Decatur.

I'll also be reading at The Tank performance space in New York on Oct. 18 with the fantastic author Elise Blackwell. Literary PR guru Russ Marshalek set this event up and there will also be a "literary burlesque show." Can't wait to see what that's all about. More details soon!

Vanilla Heart alerted me that the novel is available for purchase at a number of other locations both here and abroad, including Powell's Books. A number of you had asked, and it's there now. You can see more over at the Conquering Venus blog


Brian Campbell said…
Congrats! It's a great feeling, isn't it?
January said…
Everyone should have a night like that, without the flop sweat, which I'm sure was not as bad as you think!

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Collin. Hope you've cooled off. lol

christine said…
You were a star. I loved every minute of it, as did everyone else. We even connected with each other in our mutual enjoyment, making eye contact when we laughed. Congratulations, Collin.

The NY event sounds fantastic, and I know I will be at your Decatur Book Festival reading. I have a soft place for Irene.

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