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If you're an author and your name isn't Dan Brown, Stephen King or Mary Oliver, then chances are your book needs a sales boost. Here are four titles that I can whole-heartedly recommend:

Sassing: Poems by Karen Head - WordTech Press has notified Karen that if her brilliant debut collection doesn't sell 250 copies by summer, it will go out of print. This cannot happen. If you want a collection full of smart, contemporary poetry then look no further. Buy a copy today at Amazon.

Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine: A Novel by Ben Tanzer - Orange Alert Press is holding a fire sale and you can purchase one of the last 60 copies of Tanzer's excellent novel for just $6! Visit this link to buy a copy and find out more.

Invisible Sisters: A Memoir by Jessica Handler - A moving tribute and exploration of grief by Jessica, who lost both her sisters to rare blood disorders. Buy it at Amazon.

Gorizia Notebook: Poems by Robert Wood - A witty and lovely travelogue of poems set in Italy. Soak up the Mediterranean light on these cold winter days. You can purchase it at Amazon.

And since I'm tooting their horns, might as well toot mine, too: Conquering Venus is available in print and as an e-book for all you folks with Kindles, Nooks and getting ready to buy an iPad. You can buy a copy at Amazon or visit the book's blog for a list of other retailers.


January said…
Very cool, Collin. Thanks for the list.
jessicahandler said…
About to RT and to return the favor on "Swimming in the Trees."

Yep, this is the way to be. Thank you!
Topic for discussion in Monday's lunch - I've made a list for you.
christine said…
I already have several of these. I'm ordering Invisible Sisters for my sis. She loves memoir, and this one is tops.
Sassing, Gorizia Notebook, and Conquering Venus are three books I treasure. I'll check out Ben Tanzer's novel. Thanks for the tip!

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