Two Poems for National Poetry Month

This is the video originally created for Shape of Box before it went on hiatus. I'm sharing it with you here on the blog for National Poetry Month. Both poems -- "Blowing Rock, NC" and "Stroke" -- are from a new collection in progress.


Nancy Devine said…
wow, collin!
really terrific work. (i've never seen such a grin on nixon)
i've started seeing these "moving poems" on various internet sites. your work has gotten me seriously thinking about trying to make one for myself.
what application did you use for the video?
these poems are great, collin. i really liked them. the video was cool, too.
Justin Evans said…
Incredible poems, Collin! Just amazing.
DeadMule said…
I enjoyed both of these poems, Collin. Great way to celebrate National Poetry month. Helen
Collin Kelley said…
Nancy, I used iMovie on my MacBook to create the video. :)
nathan said…
I found both of these startling and provocative, Collin--"Mother" related work often really gets me--perhaps being an only child...Also I envy your technical facility with the computer! Wish I had just a fraction of it...Lovely work...Manning
Anonymous said…
These are great! Yes, I'm back. Call me this week.


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