Ladies, put your hands up

Tayari Jones, author of the brilliant novel Leaving Atlanta, has a new book coming out soon from Algonquin called The Silver Girl. Follow her insightful blog, friend her on Twitter and Goodreads. She's one of my favorites.

Dancing Girl Press has opened submissions for its 2011 chapbook series. It's a wonderful press and they publish beautiful books.

My friend Krystyna Fitzgerald-Morris has opened her photography studio in England and is now taking commissions. If you love portraiture, just have a look at her dazzling portfolio. I'm so proud of you, Krys!

Diane Lockward's new poetry collection, Temptation by Water, has arrived!

Hurry up, September! Barbara Jane Reyes' Diwata is coming from BOA. You can also check out BJR reading at the ALA Conference on May 29 at this YouTube link.


Diane Lockward said…
Collin--thanks for the shout-out!
Karen J. Weyant said…
I love Leaving Atlanta! Can't wait for Tayari Jones's new book!
Jennifer Perry said…
Looking forward to reading both Lockward and Jones. Keep the good info coming, CK.

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