Who knows where the time goes...

I spent most of the weekend clearing small projects off my desk: critiquing novel chapters for my friend Will Kenyon, getting bios and photos over to the Decatur Book Festival for the social media panel I'm moderating, reading Pam Grier's memoir Foxy: My Life in Three Acts ahead of my interview with her this week (I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!), attending at Poetry Atlanta meeting (we're gearing up for two days of readings at the Decatur Book Festival and preparing for a new anthology in 2011) and clearing out my email inbox. Whew! I'm ready for a martini and 60 Minutes.

My friend Jennifer Perry – singer, writer, artist – has jumped into the blogging world big time with two sites: Madame Perry's Salon and the hilarious Memoirs of a Misanthrope about her adventures in job hunting. Check her out!

This week marks the 15th anniversary of my first trip to London and Paris, which sparked the idea for Conquering Venus. I'll be back there soon.


Thanks, Coll! :)
I picked up Pam Grier's "Foxy" yesterday at Outwrite Books...
Get a copy now, kids, and you'll receive a ticket for two, to get-ahead in the (anticipated very long) line. :)
Jennifer Perry said…
Thanks for the big oomph, Collin; and for the sweet words from Lisa. Since you were so kind to give me a promo, can I say I actually have four.
Memoirs of a Misanthrope, Madame Perry's Salon, then there is Bark Of Love, all dog-centric; and Body By Burlesque, which is story of a middle aged gal who hates aerobics but is seeking spiritual balance and a knockout bod via exotic dance.

All are found by the title, plus blogspot.com
Love to YOU!

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