You meme, I meme, we all meme...

It's been years since I've answered a meme, but January O'Neil and Karen Weyant answered this one, and I thought it had some interesting questions. Feel free to take part, gentle readers.

1. What’s the last thing you wrote? A new chapter in the sequel to Conquering Venus.

2. Is it any good? Not sure yet. It's a strange chapter where the same event is told from two different points of view. It's probably got continuity errors galore, but my goal with this second book is to keep writing forward and revise once there's a complete first draft.

3. What’s the first thing you ever wrote that you still have? Probably some poems, but the thing that sticks out in my mind is my first attempt at a novel. It's called Cottonwood and it's about interracial romance and murder in a small southern town. When Whitney Houston puts down the pipe and Kevin Costner finishes cleaning up the Gulf Oil spill, this could be their comeback vehicle.

4. Favorite genre of writing? Poetry and fiction.

5. How often do you get writer’s block? I don't get writer's block. I get House Hunters marathons, American Idol recaps, Facebook updating, boys.

6. How do you fix it? Turn them off.

7. Do you save everything you write? No. I am a firm believer in destruction. A few years ago, I took a notebook full of old poems and burned them in the sink. I almost set the apartment on fire. It's too bad they don't have boiler rooms anymore.

8. How do you feel about revision? Religious. I'm one of those writers, especially with poems, where the work is never finished. It can always be honed, worked and edited more.

9. What’s your favorite thing that you’ve written? Conquering Venus

10. What’s everyone else’s favorite thing that you’ve written? "Why I Want to Be Pam Grier" or "Sex in my Parents' House" – they've become my signature poems and the ones requested at readings.

11. What writing projects are you working on right now? The second book in the Venus trilogy and I have a poetry manuscript almost ready to send somewhere. No contests, though. It's still a contest free zone over here.

12. What’s one genre you have never written, and probably never will? I've done poetry, fiction, playwriting, journalism of all kinds, essays. What else is there? Maybe technical writing or textbooks? No thanks.

13. Do you write for a living? I'm lucky enough to be the editor for an arts and culture magazine in Atlanta, so I write every day, and get to interview folks like Margaret Atwood and Pam Grier.

14. Quote something you’ve written, the first thing to pop into your mind. This ephemeral day, even  the afterglow. – the last line from my poem "What Remains" in the chapbook Slow to Burn.


Jennifer Perry said…
loved this, especially the parts regarding writer's block and destruction!
christine said…
I love this. It reads like an interview because you answer the questions so spontaneously. The line you quote from Slow to Burn is perfect for this summer night.
Anonymous said…
Something tells me you don't so much turn off the boys as finish them off and send them on their way. Not that i would know or anything.

Pris said…
Loved reading this, Collin!

Sorry I haven't been around in so long since I do enjoy your blog. Have been in a health crash and trying to limit puter time drastically.

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