Whale Sound poem

Nic Sebastian selected my poem "After Adultery" (which originally appeared in Blue Fifth Review) for her  brilliant new website, Whale Sound. Nic records each of the poems she selects and it's strange to hear my words coming from someone else, but Nic has a beautiful accent and her interpretation of the poem is excellent. Whale Sound's mission is "celebrating your poems," and she's previously recorded work by Amand Auchter, Ivy Alvarez, Kwame Dawes, Brent Goodman, Amy King, Reb Livingston, Peter Pereira and many more. Look through the author index and then sit back and listen to this wonderful work.


Nancy Devine said…
i love whale sound...great poems, great readings.
Collin Kelley said…
Whale Sound really is cool.
DeadMule said…
very nice, Collin.

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