Buy Books for the Holidays!

I'm offering a special Holiday Pack with signed editions of Conquering Venus, my chapbook After the Poison and a certificate for a signed copy of the new edition of Slow To Burn when it comes out next summer from Seven Kitchens Press. The price for all three: $25! If you bought them all separately with shipping, it would cost you $40, so this is a bargain! Your copy of Slow To Burn will be shipped as soon as it's available in July. You can purchase them via PayPal by using my email address If you have questions, send an email to that same address or leave a comment.

If you'd rather buy Conquering Venus for your e-Reader, Vanilla Heart Publishing will be offering it for just $3.99 this Friday as part of the Dine-A-Round Celebration. Characters from VHP titles will be offering up their favorite recipes, and VHP authors will post them on their blogs. You can collect them all to make a tasty holiday meal. Irène will be offering up her famous crème brulée recipe, so you don't want to miss it.


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Peace & Happiness for You and Yours, in this Season of Hope & Joy! :)

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