Sunday bits

Book review and editing projects complete, but no vlog. I simply ran out of time, so hopefully this week at some point.

As for Remain in Light, I wrote the chapter tonight that I had sort of been dreading: detailing Jean-Louis' death in Paris during the 1968 riots. How he died was the main unanswered question from Conquering Venus, so being able to expand and tie it all together has been both a thrill and a challenge. Although I've been working from an outline for this novel, Jean-Louis' final moments came as a surprise even to me. Fleshing out his character (and his secret lover, Frederick) has been one of the most exciting parts of writing this book. I hope you'll agree.

Already talking to a couple of fellow poets and writers about potential panels for AWP 2012 in Chicago.


Sounds like a productive week. Can't wait to hear what you have planned for AWP 2012...I hope to attend, finally. :)
Jennifer Perry said…
Very exciting, Collin.

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