Wednesday Bits

I've been a bad mood all week. A little overwhelmed with projects, people, parents and life in general. Sometimes I just want to hit a reset button -- especially yesterday when it seemed liked a perfect storm of fuckery. Rather than focusing on the bad, here's this week's good news:

I haven't made a new vlog in a couple of weeks because the MacBook camera seriously sucks. That will be remedied tomorrow when I pick up my shiny new Verizon iPhone at the Apple store. The iPhone has a gorgeous HD video camera, so I'll start filming with that. Plus I'll actually be able to make phone calls from my cell phone. What a novelty!

I'll be teaching a master class on social media for writers with publicist extraordinaire Michele Karlsberg at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in May. More details on that soon.

My poem "Credentials," which originally appeared in SubtleTea, along with my interview with poet M. Ayodele Heath is in the new issue of International Gallerie. Based in Mumbai, the journal is the Vogue of literary journals. It's glossy, oversized, full color – stunning. That's the cover at right.

Although I can't tell you the date for the release of my second novel, Remain in Light, I can tell you that the ebook version will be available first followed by the print edition. Very excited!

Many thanks to Patrick and Randall at Decatur Market & Gallery for asking me to lead a social media workshop for artists this evening. Great group of folks and so many fantastic questions!


Christine said…
Sounds like you have a lot of good literary news in spite of the February doldrums. I looked at Gallerie–what a beautiful magazine! I'm glad your poem is now being read by an international audience.

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