Writer-in-Residence for Poets & Writers

I am excited to announce that I will be the inaugural Writer-in-Residence for a new blog at Poets & Writers (www.pw.org). I will be blogging about poetry readings and workshops with my experiences here in Atlanta as the framework. This new blog will focus on cities where P&W is active with its reading and workshop grant programs, which I've written for others and received for my own work. I'll be blogging during April, which just happens to be National Poetry Month, and I hope you will check in each week to see my latest post.

If you haven't checked out the Conquering Venus blog lately, you'll see that it's morphed into The Venus Trilogy blog. With the ebook version of Remain in Light coming for Christmas and print in early 2012, it was time to give the blog a facelift. If you click on the About the Books tab, you can read an updated synopsis of the new novel. Editing/rewriting is progressing well, too!


Maureen said…
Writer Gayle said…
Congrats! What a fun opportunity.

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