Pre-orders, reviews & other new year notes

You can now pre-order the trade paperback of my mystery/suspense novel Remain In Light at Amazon. The book is $14.95 and Amazon has Jan. 5 as the release date, although it might be a few days later than that. It will be exciting to hold the physical book in my hands after living with it in eBook format since October. If you would like the eBook edition, there are two additional retailes who are carrying Remain In Light: the Apple iBook store and Kobo. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the big launch event at Georgia Center for the Book on Jan. 31.

Many thanks to The Reader's Guide for featuring Remain In Light on New Year's Day. See it at this link

Many thanks to the wonderful poet Maureen Doallas for her thoughtful review of my chapbook, Slow To Burn, at her Writing Without Paper blog. She calls it "a small gem of a collection." Slow To Burn is available for purchase from Seven Kitchens Press at this link.

Lori Hettler asked me to contribute three of my favorite books from 2011 for a round up at The Next Best Book Blog. You can see my picks (two novels and a poetry collection) at this link.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I cleaned up my desk and file cabinet area over the weekend and I'm ready to tackle new writing projects.


Maureen said…
Thank you, Collin, for mentioning my review here, and for that word "wonderful" you assigned. I look forward to reading more of your fine work.

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