Three Questions for... Chelle Cordero

My series of mini-interviews with fellow Vanilla Heart Publishing authors continues with Chelle Cordero. A writer of romantic/suspense, she's the author of Barlett's Rule, Hostage Heart, Final Sin and her latest, Hyphema. Find out more about Chelle at

What have you learned from writing your novels?
Aside from learning that I can tackle a task as immense as writing a novel, I have also learned to be more tolerant of everyone's likes and dislikes. While some people may like (really like, thank goodness) my books, not everyone is going to like them; it's not personal and I can't let it discourage me. I understand more about people and the varied ways they view things. Most importantly though, I learned that it isn't only a love of writing I feel, it is an actual need.

Do you own an eReader? If so, have you downloaded your own book? 
I recently treated myself to a Kindle, before that I downloaded eBooks to one or both of my computers. There are free apps available to read various formats on your PC and I've made use of that extensively. I have one of my novels on my Kindle, but I plan to put the others and a chapbook my publisher made for me and use that at in-person author events to help with my marketing.

What's the worst advice you've been given as a writer? 
Fortunately, I never listened to this one: I was told to hold out for the big money, the large advances and only the "Big Six" publishing companies. As a novelist I found that a reputable, traditional small press is a wonderful entrance into "authorship." There are those who insist that indie publishers and books aren't "real," but they are and in today's economy when so many of the "Big Six" find it hard to take a chance on a relatively newcomer, the indie publishers are putting out terrific new works.


In high school English classes where just about everyone complained about having to write thousand-word "themes," writing a novel seemed to be an impossible dream. Nice to learn we can do it.

Smoky said…
But in order to do it, Malcolm, we have to put aside almost everything we were taught in high school when writing those thousand-word themes!

Nice job, Chelle and Collin.
Christine Swint said…
Great interview! It's a time honored tradition for author's to either self-publish their first works or to go with a small press. I'm thinking of poets, mainly, but I'm sure the same applies to novelists.

I didn't know I could find a reader for my laptop! Thanks for this tip.
A good lesson to have learned, Chelle. Not everyone loves or likes your baby. Nothing personal. I'm a fan who loves the twists and turns of each book. Keep writing. To me, it's personal.
Anonymous said…
Great interview Collin and Chelle. Chelle, I agree that small presses often take chances the "big 6" won't. That's why the "big 6" are losing out on some great works. :-)

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