New non-fiction

I wrote a guest column on social media at The Thrill Begins blog for mystery and suspense writers. You can check it out at this link.


Maureen said…
Beautifully written at The Thrill, Collin.

I hope you don't mind but I like to play with prose to see how it might work in the form of a poem. Here's what I came up with after selecting words from your wonderful piece:

Today, in London

where rain drives home
melancholy, it's possible

to make amends

for a life of deceit.
After watching Howard's End,

I realize it is real,

that elegant handwringing over
the homeless, the addicted,

the dreams that come in
fast whispers.

Today, the perfect cold of English
rain on skin

will not let me forget
the promise

of my fear, how it made a stranger

of the street where we ran
our soundtrack to ground, sweaty

young palms thrilling just enough
in the dark, behind the screen,

to numb the part of our landscape
we couldn't reach by phone.

Death is unmistakable,

and the ghost of you, maybe shooting
meth to forget

the HIV shame, maybe

picking a wound swallowed
in pride,

pulls me near, pushes me

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