Mystery We Write Tour: Evelyn Cullet

Evelyn Cullet has been an aspiring author since high school, but didn't begin her first novel until attending college, later in life. Now, after taking early retirement, she finally has the chance to write full-time. She is currently a member of Sisters in Crime, and lives in a suburb of Chicago. To find out more about Evelyn, visit her website

What mysteries or strange occurrences in your real life have inspired your writing life? 
Being a life-long mystery buff, and reader of the Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries inspired me to be a writer. Each of their writing styles, in its own way, has influenced my love of writing. I always feel inspired to write after reading one of their mysteries. These days their novels may seem a bit dated when compared to contemporary mystery authors, but their stories will always be classic. 

What's on your writing desk right now? 
On my writing desk right now there is a computer,  a small desk lamp, two dozen Post-it notes stuck around the desk reminding me of things that need to be done (which I ignore most of the time), several spiral-bound notebooks filled with ideas for characters, and notes about novels I've yet to write.

What book makes you say, "Damn, I wish I'd written that!"? 
Hands down, the novel has to be Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca – the ultimate in romantic suspense! From the opening sentence to the very last word, the author mesmerized and swept me along with the protagonist, and I couldn't put it down. After I did, I thought, damn, I wish I'd written that! Maybe some day someone will say the same thing about one of my novels. (Sigh.) 

About Masterpiece of Murder
Masterpiece of Murder is a fast-paced, romantic suspense novel that takes you on a madcap adventure through the beautiful resort city of Bariloche, Argentina, where brokenhearted art student, Charlotte Ross, is intent on locating her errant fiancĂ©. But he has is own reasons for being in Bariloche that threaten Charlotte’s life and thrust her into a world of deceit, art forgery and murder. When circumstantial evidence convinces the local police that Charlotte is the killer, she must use her detection skills to discover who is really behind the murder. 

Leave a comment below to win a signed copy of Masterpiece of Murder. Winners will be announced on Dec. 11. Check out my guest post on Larissa Reinhart's blog today at this link to find out about the books, music and films that inspired my novels, Conquering Venus and Remain In Light.


Earl Staggs said…
Masterpiece of Murder sounds intriguing, Evelyn. Besides, I've always wanted to visit Argentina. Best wishes.
Loved reading more about you and your book, Evelyn. By the time this is over I'm going to feel like I have a new friend!
Evelyn Cullet said…
My original manuscript read like a travelog, Earl, but my editor made me take most of that out, said it slowed down the pace of the story. I hope there is still enough description in the novel to give you a taste of what it's like there. Thanks for stopping by.
Evelyn Cullet said…
I feel the same about you, Marilyn. I hope you'll consider me a new friend.
M.M. Gornell said…
My Reading Group read Rebecca not to long ago. Most of us had already read in earlier days, and it was nice going back and rereading. Held up wonderfully over the years--can see why you like the work!

Evelyn Cullet said…
Thanks for stopping by, Madeline. Have you ever read any of Daphne du Maurier's short stories? If your book club is interested, there's a short story collection titled, Don't Look Now. Unusual doesn't begin to describe these stories. You should all have a lot to discuss.
I know what you mean about Daphne du Maurier! She's one of my favorites, too. I love your setting!
Evelyn Cullet said…
Thanks Larissa.
Diana Febry said…
Hi Evelyn
best of luck with the rest of your blog tour - I clearly have so much to learn. So little time!
By the way Rebecca was my mother's favourite book. She read it over and over again and made a point of making us all watch the film when it was on TV. (Pre video & dvd days - otherwise we might have had to watch it every day!)
Evelyn Cullet said…
I love to read novels that inspired movies,Diana, but often feel disappointed when parts are cut from the film version, or changed, which was the case with Rebecca. However, I still love the film and will watch it whenever it's on television.
WS Gager said…
Great post Eveylyn. I'm learning so much about you. Can't wait to see you at Love is Murder!
W.S. Gager on Writing
Mary Ricksen said…
The best book for me was Voyager, by Diana Gabaldon, I wish I'd written that!
Good luck, great sales!!!
Jake said…
As a reader appreciate time you take to get book in shape. Enjoying learning more about you & your writing.

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