Mystery We Write Tour: Jean Lauzier

Jean Lauzier writes mystery and fantasy for the most part, but enjoys playing with romance and western genres, too. When she's not writing, Jean spends her time trying to keep her Bonsai alive, learning Spanish and training the cat. Her short story collection, Six Pack of Murder, is available on Amazon and her new book, Dark Descent, will be released soon. For more about Jean, visit

What have you learned from writing your novels?
First, I’ve learned writing is hard work. It looks so easy – just put words on the page! – but there is so much more to it than that. Those words have to tell a story but also show the reader the story, to transport them to another time and place. Sometimes it’s really hard to get the right words in the right place. I’ve also learned to appreciate the novels that have touched my life in some fashion when I’ve read them. The author put a lot of work into their novel and now I know just how much.

Do you use an outline or just begin with an idea and write toward a conclusion?
I usually start with an idea along with a character. I often have the end in mind before most of the story. I don’t do an outline as such, but there comes a time when I have to sit down and plan out the story. For Dark Descent, which takes place from Halloween to Thanksgiving, I took a calendar page and listed the main events of each day so I could see the overall story. I did the same thing for Where The Heart Is, which is a romance serial I’m doing.

Do you have a writing routine or ritual?
When I wrote most of Dark Descent, I’d put my laptop next to the bed at night and first thing in the morning (after hubby left for work) I’d write at least 500 words before getting on the Internet. Now that we have wifi that sorta doesn’t work, but I do try to write early in the day since my mind is fresher and not so cluttered. Sometimes, depending on what I’m writing, I’ll put on some music in the background. I love the original Conan the Barbarian soundtrack for fantasy pieces. I started writing seriously with three small kids at home so learned to tune out most noise like TV, music, yelling and such.

Leave a comment to win a copy of Jean's books, Six Pack of Murder and Dark Descent. Also be sure to read my essay on "setting the scene" for my novels Conquering Venus and Remain In Light at Madison John's blog today. 

This is final day of the Mystery We Write Tour. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a wrap up post and to find out who won copies of my books!


Hi, Jean, I'm enjoyed learning how you write.
M.M. Gornell said…
You can say that again, Jean, "writing is hard"! But so well worth it, I think.
Jean said…
Thanks for having me today. It's been real fun.

Definitely worth it! And thanks Marilyn, it's been great getting to know you too. :-)
Rionna Morgan said…

I really enjoyed learning about your planning method. The calendar is a great idea!

:) Rionna
Jake said…
Seems an outline might be bit restrictive for active writer minds. Keep the good reads & covers flowing. Thanks
Anne K Albert said…
It's always fascinating to learn how another author does it! So glad you joined us for the 4th Mystery We Write Blog tour, Jean.
Earl Staggs said…
Jean, I tried outlining and it didn't work for me. We all have to find what works best for us. Great getting to know another Texas writer on this tour. If you ever get to Fort Worth. . . .
Jennifer Perry said…
Lovely to meet you here, Jean. Thank you for sharing so generously. The use of the calendar in the story that took place from Halloween to Thanksgiving is brilliant.
The answer to the question of routines and rituals was interesting, and helpful.

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