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I've had a SoundCloud page for a bit, so I thought it was time to share it with you. What I love about SoundCloud is how easy it is to record directly from your computer microphone (and it actually sounds decent) and share it on Facebook and elsewhere.

Currently, you can hear me reading the short story "I Got A Name" from my eBook of short stories, Kiss Shot; my poem "Night Ride Home" from the forthcoming anthology this assignment is so gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching; and "The Birth of Venus" from the upcoming collaboration edition of PoetsArtists.

Speaking of the this assignment is so gay anthology, Sibling Rivalry Press and editor Megan Volpert have set up a website for the project and you can hear other contributors reading their poems, too. Just follow this link.

I'll also be recording some of the poems from Render and releasing them in the run up to the collection's release in mid-April.


sweet thanks for sharing it, im about to check it out ^_^

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Anonymous said…
the night jim croce died.... I didnt think people still remembered him. I got a name was a cool story, collin keep it up bro. hit me up to buy datpiff downloads if you ever put a tape up there
shahbaz said…
I ordered this book from Amazon UK and it will be delivered some time in December, allegedly. So looking forward - thanks for the taster! επιπλα
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