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The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography gave my short story collection, Kiss Shot, a 9 out of 10 rating! You can read the full review at this link. Kiss Shot is still available exclusively as an eBook for just 99 cents in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Lauren Watel gave my poetry collection, Render, a wonderful review at ARTSAtl. Watel explores the structure of the collection in good detail, which I appreciate. You can read the full review at this link.

Mark Edmundson, an English professor at the University of Virginia, has declared poetry dead again in the latest issue of Harper's. I'd link to the essay, but it's behind a paywall. You can read a summation of it – and save yourself reading  the 6,000 words – at the Washington Post. Poet Seth Abramson countered Edmundson with a lengthy essay in Huffington Post singing the praises of modern poetry. If you choose to wade in, remember that poetry is subjective. The marker of "good" and "bad" is impossible to establish.

Many thanks to The GAVoice for the shout-out about Remain In Light being the finalist for the 49th annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards. You can now see the full list of winners for the GAYAs at  this link.


Maureen said…
What a great review of "Render", Collin! Thank you for sharing the link to it.

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