Reviews, awards and more

Many thanks to David Herrle and Subtletea for the in-depth review of my poetry collection, Render, posted last week. David has long been a supporter of my work and he gives everything such a close read. You can check out the full review at this link.

If you missed my interview and reading from Render on The Joe Milford Poetry Show, you can listen to it at this link.

My second novel, Remain In Light, is up for a Georgia Author the Year Award. Winners will be announced next Saturday, June 15, at a ceremony at Kennesaw State University. Fingers crossed.

Google is retiring its Google Reader as of July 1. Since I'm subscribed to about 100 blogs, I did some research into the alternatives and went with The Old Reader, which works basically the same as Google Reader. You can easily import all your subscriptions into The Old Reader and the interface looks almost identical to Google. No bells and whistles, but also no fuss or muss. If you want a basic RSS reader, this is the one.


J Perry said…
Congratulations on the nomination, Collin!
Congrats and crossing my fingers for you!
theodora said…

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