DBF and Venus Trilogy update

I can't believe it's almost Decatur Book Festival time again! I'll be reading at two different events next weekend. On Saturday, Aug. 31, I'll be reading at 2 p.m. on the Java Monkey Poet's Stage as well as hosting an hour of fab poets. My main gig is on Sunday, Sept. 1, at noon with Kodac Harrison and Theresa Davis. We'll be on the Eddie's Attic stage reading from our new poetry collections. Come through!

The manuscript of Remain In Light with new blurbs, acknowledgements, bio and a couple of tiny corrections is now with Sibling Rivalry Press. Eyestrain curtailed my work a bit this week, but I'm planning to finish up Conquering Venus this weekend and let my editor, Kathy, have a quick peek at it.   Venus had a couple of missing punctuation marks, incorrectly named Dover as the entry-point for the Channel Tunnel in England (it's Folkestone) and there were a few lines of dialogue that I thought needed some tiny adjustments.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me this past week, especially on Facebook, about Sibling Rivalry picking up The Venus Trilogy. The support is appreciated in so many ways.


Chelle Cordero said…
Excited that Conquering Venus will once again be made available. CV is a truly enjoyable read.

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