"Render" review, Christmas Eve updates

Cindy Hochman has written a fabulous review of my poetry collection, Render, for the latest edition of The Pedestal. It's the most detailed, thoughtful and insightful review of the book yet! Thank you, Cindy and The Pedestal, for showing the book so much love!

The year is also ending on a high note with the acceptance of two new poems in Flycatcher literary journal. They will appear in the Spring 2014 issue.

After nearly three months away, I'm finally back at work on the final book in The Venus Trilogy. The time and distance from Leaving Paris gave me a little clarity about what was working plot wise, so most of the writing has been re-writing, but I think the book is on track. The first book in the trilogy, Conquering Venus, is now back on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats in the new edition from Sibling Rivalry Press.

I just finished up my annual Christmas Eve link clean-up at Modern Confessional and, as usual, it was a little disappointing to see the list of blogging poets and writers continues to dwindle. The blogs have either been abandoned (not updated in a year, which is my criteria for removal), deleted, made private or the blogs are now just static websites. Still, there are a number of fine writers who are plugging away and worth your time. Check out the Link tab at the top of this blog or click here.

In Memoriam: Shann Palmer. Read more about Shann and her contribution to poetry here and here.


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