Weekend Update

As work continues on Leaving Paris, a few updates on social media and poetry.

I've just given my London blog a makeover. If you've never stopped by This City Never Sleeps on Tumblr, do check it out. I keep this separate blog as a visual diary for a future memoir about my 20 years of adventures and shenanigans in the UK.

I have new poems coming soon in two journals – Flycatcher and Animal – as well as a poem in the forthcoming Rabbit Ears: The First Anthology of Poetry About TV. Many thanks to the editors who took this new work, which will eventually wind up in the new collection. 

Happy Father's Day to my dearly departed Daddy-O and to all the fathers still here and those waiting for us in the next life.


Maureen said…
Congratulations, Collin on the new poems' forthcoming publication.

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