So long, Red Room

I was sad to hear that author website Red Room will cease to exist on July 8 after being acquired by Wattpad. I was invited to join soon after it was created, and it provided me with some excellent contacts and opportunities.

Because of Red Room, I got to write about eBooks for Huffington Post, finding Literary London for AOL Travel and my adventures in London, Cardiff and Paris for Gadling. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

I'm a member of Wattpad, but I've only posted there a few times. Maybe it's time to explore it once again. Good luck to all the authors out there and thanks again to Red Room for its support over the last five years.


Ivory Madison said…
Collin, thank you so much for letting us know what Red Room meant to you--I didn't recall about the trip to London. That's wonderful. Keep in touch on Wattpad! -Ivory
Jennifer Perry said…
This is disappointing news. I haven't spent much time on wattpad so I suppose I should revisit as well.

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