Christmas out of bounds

For the first time ever (yes, ever) I am spending Christmas elsewhere. I'll be with my mother at Harrah's Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina watching her gamble away my inheritance at the slot machines. Yep, mom is a slot queen. I really could care less about gambling, but I am looking forward to the nice hotel suite and some good food.

To be honest, last Christmas was a disaster. Lots of arguing, a few tears, hurt feelings. With my dad and grandmother dying eight months apart, 2013 was a challenge to say the least. I vowed last Christmas that a change of scenery would be required, so off to the mountains we go.

When I return, I'll begin editing Leaving Paris, which I had printed up yesterday. The manuscript is 313 pages and it's always shocking when the copy shop hands it back in a weighty cardboard box. The manuscript represents two years of work – some of it quite difficult with all those false starts and wandering away from the outline – but I'm loving it now. I hope you will, too.

As a Christmas present to all of you who have stuck with Modern Confessional, my ebook of short stories, Kiss Shot, will be available for free download from Christmas Day until Dec. 29 at Amazon. Enjoy!


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