Sometimes Her Arms Bend Back

I could never solve the mystery of you,
so we dance, whisper our secrets,
stop motion tango.
We linger in a black and white and red
purgatory, weighted down by velvet,
where a little man snaps out our future.
Maybe we are both dead, maybe
twenty-five years is really just a blink,
fades like the taste of my favorite gum.
Your hair is dark, mine is gray,
we never met before tonight, but
you look like her,
so I make your arms bend back,
pull you against me and we dance,
carve my name under your nails.
It's happening again, a sharp jazz note,
talk backwards, girl...speak my language.
Let's rock.

– Collin Kelley

From the Twin Peaks-inspired anthology, A Slice of Cherry Pie (The Private Press, edited by Ivy Alvarez). Twin Peaks premiered 25 years ago tonight. 


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