Turn Left

Courtesy Phoenix Art Museum

Turn Left
after Philip C. Curtis’ The Bride’s Descent

We watch your descent
just out of frame
caught mid-stair
head bowed in prayer
or maybe mourning.

The empty bedroom
echoes behind you
as the floor below
turns chessboard –
the next move is yours.

Turn right
toward the empty chair
and its funeral parlor
stillness where future
and inevitability wait.

Turn left
into the red velvet
throat of disappearing
out the distant door
with your hands open
and your head up.

~ Collin Kelley

This poem originally appeared in the Four Chambers Press anthology Poetry and Prose for the Phoenix Art Museum.


Anonymous said…
I love this poem. All about choices between freedom and life, or continuing to live in a self-imposed prison of fear and sorrow.

I think it's time for me to turn left.

Thank you.

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