Pre-order the 'Reading Queer' anthology

I am thrilled to have two new poems – "Girl Detective" and "Revenant" – forthcoming in Reading Queer: Poetry in a Time of Chaos, an anthology to be published in 2018 by Anhinga Press. The anthology, edited by Maureen Seaton and Neil de la Flor, brings fifty LGBTQ poets together in the spirit and solidarity of poetry at its finest and fiercest.

Reading Queer features work by these poets:  Thalo Kersey, Aaron Smith, Bryan Borland, Caridad Moro-Gronlier, Cathleen Chambless, Celeste Gainey, cin salach, Collin Kelley, Eduardo C. Corral, Elizabeth Bradfield, Ellen Bass, Farah Rarissima Fatal Diba, Gem L. Blackthorn, Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Gregg Shapiro, Holly Iglesias, James Allen Hall, Jan Becker, Jason Schneiderman, Jen Benka, Jim Elledge, JV Portela, Joseph O. Legaspi, Juliet P. Howard, Julie Marie Wade, Julie R. Enszer, Justin Torres, Kevin Simmonds, L. Lamar Wilson, Lori Anderson, Megan Volpert, Meredith Camel, Phillip B. Williams, ᏉᎵ ᎠᏂᏙᎯ, Ruben Quesada, sam sax, Samiya Bashir, Samuel Ace, Seth Pennington, Shane Allison, Stacey Waite, Stephanie Lane Sutton, Stephen Mills, Tara Shea Burke, Ching-In Chen, Nicholas Wong, TC Tolbert and Valerie Wetlaufer.

You can pre-order a copy at


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